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2014 Patient Survey Results

The results so far are shown below.

Total responses: 32

When did you last see a doctor or nurse?
     less than three months ago22
     three to six months ago8
     more than six months ago1
     I have never seen a doctor or nurse 00%
2How do you normally book your appointment?
     in person2
     on the phone21
     via the internet 8
3Which method would you prefer to use?
     in person00%
     on the phone7
     online booking through a secure access site9
     via the internet 14
4Were you aware that we now offer patients the opportunity to book via the internet?
     Yes, go to question 723
     No 8
5Now you are aware of the service would you use it?
     Yes - please come into the surgery to complete an application form & bring ID8
     No 2
6If no, why not?
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Did you find registering easy?
     No 3
8If no, what were the difficulties?
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9Once you were registered did you find the instructions easy to follow?
     No 2
10If no, what problems did you encounter?
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How many times in the last 6 months have you used the online service to book an appointment?
     not at all15
     more than twice 4
12Did you find the choice of appointment times suitable for your needs?
     No 4
13If the time of your appointment was not suitable why was this?
     work commitments4
     carer commitments00%
     lack of transport1
     other 2
14If you answered other, please elaborate
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15How far in advance would you like to be able to book an appointment via the online services?
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16Cancelling Appointments
Were you aware that you could cancel appointments using this service?
     No 12
17Have you used this service?
     No 21
18Requesting Repeat Medication via Online Services
How many times have you used this service since you registered?
     not at all17
     more than twice 8
19When you used this service did you experience any problems?
     Yes, please go to question 204
     No 11
20What were the problems you encountered?
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21Is this a service you would like to use?
     No 5
21 a)If no, we would very much like to know what your concerns are. Please comment below
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22How often do you use our website?
     once a week2
     once a month 4
23We would like to encourage all our patients to view our website regularly as it provides up to date information on health issues, flu clinics, weather closures and staff training days as well as providing patients with a place to post comments and access our online services.
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