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Patient Survey 2012 / 2013 - Getting Through on the Telephone Results

The results so far are shown below.

Total responses: 37

1Have you had any problems getting through on the phone? (Previous survey results showed that 45% of respondents always had a problem, while 43% occasionally and 10% not at all)
     Yes always14
     Yes occasionally18
     No, I can always get through 3
2Which Surgery do you normally call?
     Either 2
3If you call both sites, which site do you find is easiest to get through on the phone?
     Village 4
4At what time of day would you normally expect to call the surgery?
     anytime 8
5Thinking about the site you normally call (as answered in question 2), is there a particular time of day that you find most difficult to get through on the phone?
     No 6
5 a)If yes, please elaborate
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6On average how many times do you dial before speaking to someone?
     Three times6
     More than three times 18
6 a)If you have selected more than three times, please elaborate
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7On the occasions you have had difficulty getting through do you hear...
     Ringing tone (remains unanswered after unacceptable time has lapsed)2
     Engaged tone22
     Automated message 'You are in a queue etc' 10
8How long do you feel is acceptable to wait for the phone to be answered?
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9If you hear the automated message do you stay on the phone?
     Never, always hang up and redial 9
10Thinking about the automated message, do you feel it is acceptable to be held in a queue or would you prefer to get the engaged tone when the reception staff are busy dealing with other patients?
     Hold in an automated queue16
     Receive engaged ringtone and wait whilst staff are busy6
     Redial when phone line is less busy8
     No preference 4
11Additional Comments or Suggestions
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12Help us know a little bit about you
Are you?
     Female 20
     Under 1600%
     90+ 00%
14How would you describe how often you come to the practice?
     Very rarely3

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